A Guide to Checking Your Ring Size.

Amazon sell a ring sizer for £1.50 with free postage.

To do it yourself the guide below will give you a good approximation to what your ring size is.

It is best done in the evening when your fingers are at their largest.

  1. Use string or tape 1.4 c.m. wide.

  2. Wrap the tape around the chosen finger.

  3. Mark where the tape overlaps forming a complete circle.

  4. Use a ruler to measure the length from the starting end of the tape to the pen mark.

  5. Make sure the tape slides over your knuckle and is not too tight.

  6. Use the chart below to work out your ring size.  

         45.5 mm = G           46.7 mm = H        48 mm = I

         48.7 mm = J            49.9 mm = K        51.2 mm = L

          52.5mm = M            53.8 mm = N       55.0 mm = O

          56.3 mm = P            57.6 mm = Q       58.9 mm = R

 All my rings have the size guide stated under the

description of each ring. Some rings can be made to order. Email me to find out.

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